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Man schreibt das dritte Jahrtausend. Die Menschen leben in Mega-Städten und es herrscht Chaos. Die Lösung: Machtvolle Kampfmaschinen werden kreiert und ausgestattet mit allumfassender Macht - Recht, Gesetz und Justiz in einer Hand, die Judges. In. Judge Dredd ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film aus dem Jahr , der auf der Comicserie „ A.D.“ basiert. Hauptdarsteller sind Sylvester. Judge Joseph „Joe“ Dredd ist der Protagonist in der britischen Comic-Anthologie A.D., in der er seit der zweiten Ausgabe von vorkommt, sowie im. fransvanbronkhorst.nl: Finden Sie Judge Dredd in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-​Angebot. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem Bestellwert von 29€. und ausgestattet mit allumfassender Macht: Recht, Gesetz und Justiz in einer Hand - die Judges. In Mega City One lebt der beste unter ihnen - Judge Dredd.

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und ausgestattet mit allumfassender Macht: Recht, Gesetz und Justiz in einer Hand - die Judges. In Mega City One lebt der beste unter ihnen - Judge Dredd. fransvanbronkhorst.nl: Finden Sie Judge Dredd in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-​Angebot. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem Bestellwert von 29€. Man schreibt das dritte Jahrtausend. Die Menschen leben in Mega-Städten und es herrscht Chaos. Die Lösung: Machtvolle Kampfmaschinen werden kreiert und ausgestattet mit allumfassender Macht - Recht, Gesetz und Justiz in einer Hand, die Judges. In.

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Judge Dredd (1995) Old Classic Movie Trailer Hilfe zum Textformat. Post nazismus und populäre Kultur 3 Bände. Fandango - Ein Freund fürs Leben. Er ist das Ergebnis eines genetischen Experiments mit dem Ziel, einen perfekten, absolut guten Menschen zu erschaffen. Nur Fergie und Dredd überleben den Absturz, stehen aber direkt einer kleinen Familie Beste Spielothek in Steuden finden mutierten, gottesfürchtigen Kannibalen gegenüber, welche den Transport als Nahrungsquelle plündern wollen. Die Dinos sind los. Sie konnten aber bisher von Dredd und Anderson immer an der Beste Spielothek in Moggast finden dieses Planes gehindert werden.

The multi-national Space Corps battles both insurgencies and external alien threats. The newly discovered planet 'Hestia' which orbits the Sun at 90 degrees to Earth's orbit has a colony; there are some references to colonies on Mars; Saturn 's moon Titan has a judicial penal colony; [46] and Mega-City One is known to have deep space missile silos on Pluto.

The paranormal is both common and often openly visible and so is accepted by both civilians and Judges. Ghosts, demons, ancient gods and two different creatures both claiming to be Satan have appeared in Mega-City One, with the Grand Hall itself known to be haunted by a disgraced former Chief Judge.

Magic is real and has been practiced by some criminals. Psi-Divisions worldwide tend to be the main defence against such threats.

Street Judges act as police, judge, jury, and executioner. Capital punishment in Mega-City One is rarely used, [48] though deaths while resisting arrest are commonplace.

Numerous writers have used the Judge System to satirize contemporary politics. Judges, once appointed, can be broadly characterised as "Street Judges" who patrol the city , and administrative, or office-based Judges.

Dredd was once offered the job of Chief Judge; but refused it. As such this political model has become the most common form of government on Earth, with only a few small areas practicing civilian rule.

There is an international "Judicial Charter" which countries and city states join upon instituting a Judge System. Almost all [note 4] of the stories from both comics are currently being reprinted in their original order of publication in a series of trade paperbacks.

This series began in This four-volume series began in and concluded in These are listed below for a complete list of all stories see here. Shortly before the release of the movie , three new comic book titles were released, followed by a one-off comic version of the film story.

DC Comics published an alternative version of Judge Dredd between and , lasting 18 issues. Continuity and history were different from both the original AD version and the film.

A major difference was that Chief Judge Fargo , portrayed as incorruptible in the original version, was depicted as evil in the DC version.

Another DC Comics title, lasting 13 issues between and Although these were intended to feature the same version of Judge Dredd as in the other DC title, the first four issues were written by John Wagner and Alan Grant and were consistent with their original AD version.

From the same publishers as AD , this was nevertheless a completely different version of Dredd aimed at younger readers. Editor David Bishop prohibited writers from showing Dredd killing anyone, a reluctance which would be completely unfamiliar to readers acquainted with the original version.

From the same publishers as AD , this was a series of ultra-violent one-off stories from "a separate and aggressive Dredd world".

These were reprinted, together with 11 new stories some by other creators , in Judge Dredd Megazine. The original eight stories were collected in a trade paperback by Hamlyn in In the week that the film Dredd was released in the UK, a page prologue was published in issue of Judge Dredd Megazine , written by its editor, Matt Smith , and illustrated by Henry Flint.

An American film loosely based on the comic strip was released in , starring Sylvester Stallone as Dredd [70] it was said that Arnold Schwarzenegger was originally requested for the role, [71] but declined because in the original script, Dredd would keep the helmet on during major parts of the film.

The film received negative reviews upon its release. In the comic, he very rarely removes his helmet, and even then his real face is never revealed.

Also, the writers largely omitted the ironic humour of the comic strip, and ignored important aspects of the "Dredd mythology" for example, in the film a "love interest" is developed between Dredd and Judge Hershey , something that is strictly forbidden between Judges or Judges and anyone else for that matter in the comic strip.

In the United States, the film won several "worst film of the year" awards. The co-creator and main writer of the comic character, John Wagner , said:.

I hated that plot. However the film has since been praised for its depiction of Dredd's city, costumes, humour and larger-than-life characters.

Reliance Entertainment produced Dredd , which was released in September It was directed by Pete Travis and written by Alex Garland. Michael S.

Murphey was co-producer with Travis. The main Judge Dredd writer John Wagner said:. It's high-octane, edge of the seat stuff, and gives a far truer representation of Dredd than the first movie.

The film was shot in 3-D and filmed in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Funding was secured from Reliance Big Entertainment.

The show is planned to be an ensemble drama about a team of Judges as they deal with the challenges of the future-shocked 22nd century. Jason Kingsley, owner of Rebellion , told the Guardian in May that the TV show will be far more satirical than the movie adaptions and could become "one of the most expensive TV shows the UK has ever seen.

According to Karl Urban , the studio's concept is to "build the show around more rookie judges and young, new judges", where Dredd himself "would come in and out".

Urban stated that he would be interested in reprising the role for this, on the condition that Dredd's part of the story be implemented in a "meaningful way".

There have been multiple Judge Dredd games released for various video game consoles and several home computers such as the Sinclair ZX Spectrum , Sony Playstation and Commodore The first game, titled Judge Dredd , was released in Another game, also titled Judge Dredd , was released in At one time, an arcade game was being developed by Midway Games but it was never released.

It can however be found online and has three playable levels. Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. The game sees the return of the Dark Judges when Mega-City One becomes overrun with vampires and the undead.

The player takes control of Judge Dredd, with the optional addition of another Human player in co-operative play. The player can also go up against three friends in the various multiplayer modes which include " Deathmatch ", " Team Deathmatch ", "Elimination", "Team Elimination", "Informant", "Judges Vs.

Perps", "Runner" and more. A costume set for the PlayStation 3 video game LittleBigPlanet was released in May , which contained outfits to dress the game's main character Sackboy as five AD characters, one of which is Judge Dredd.

In , Rebellion released Judge Dredd Vs. Games Workshop released a Judge Dredd role-playing game in Their licence ended in Games Workshop produced a Judge Dredd boardgame based on the comic strip in A key feature of the game is the different action cards that are collected during play; generally these cards are used when trying to arrest perps although some cards can also be played against other players to hinder their progress.

The winner of the game is the judge who collected the most points arresting perps. Players could sabotage each other's arrest attempts.

Additionally, there were many amusing card combinations such as arresting Judge Death for selling old comics, as the Old Comic Selling crime card featured a AD cover with Judge Death on it.

The game used characters, locations and artwork from the comic, but is now out of print. This was a heavier game than the earlier Dredd boardgame, focused on tactical combat, in which players control these residents as they use whatever means they can to vandalize and destroy their opponent's block.

Later the same year, Games Workshop released the Mega Mania expansion for the game, allowing the game to be played by up to four players.

The game features judges being called in when a gang challenges another gang that is too tough to fight. A wide range of miniatures has been released including box sets for an Ape Gang and an Undercity Gang.

A Robot Gang was also produced but was released as two blister packs instead of a box set. Only one rules expansion has been released, called "Death on the Streets".

The expansion introduced many new rules including usage of the new gangs and the ability to bring Judge Dredd himself into a fight. This game went out of print shortly thereafter, but was replaced by the "Judge Dredd Miniatures Game", which was published free in many stages as the company sought feedback from fans and players.

In , an expansion was released called "Block War! Miniatures continue to be manufactured at a slow pace. There was a short-lived collectible card game called simply "Dredd".

In the game, players would control a squad of judges and arrest perps. The rules system was innovative and the game was well-received by fans and collectors alike, but various issues unrelated to the game's quality caused its early demise.

There was a four-player pinball game released in , produced by Bally Manufacturing. From to , Virgin Books published nine Judge Dredd novels.

They had hoped the series would be a success in the wake of the feature film, but the series was cancelled after insufficient sales. Also in , St.

Martins Press published two novelizations of the film : []. However this idea was abandoned after the film was released, and Dredd was replaced by another character called Adjudicator Joseph Craator.

After Black Flame closed in , Rebellion picked up the rights to their " AD" titles in , and began republishing them as e-books.

Their nine Judge Dredd books are:. In August , Rebellion announced a new series of e-books under the series title Judge Dredd: Year One , about Dredd's first year as a judge the stories in the comic strip having begun in his 20th year when he was already a veteran.

In May , a series of three books, collectively called Judges , was announced. These are not about Dredd but about the first generation of judges, and are set six decades before Dredd's first stories to appear in the comic.

The cast include Lorelei King and Gary Martin. They were issued separately on dual cassette and double CD. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Fictional character. Main article: Judge AD. Main article: Judge Dredd film. Main article: Dredd. Main article: Judge Dredd role-playing game.

Main article: Judge Dredd pinball. Be Vigilant! Duane Swierczynski. Jarman and Peter Acton Lennard Publishing, , p.

Pat Mills. Archived from the original on 1 January The Guardian. Major Comic-Con Home News. Action movies. Films I've Watched in Seen in Share this Rating Title: Judge Dredd 5.

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Best use of 3D? Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Sylvester Stallone Judge Dredd Armand Assante Rico Rob Schneider Fergie Jürgen Prochnow Judge Fargo Diane Lane Judge Hershey Joanna Miles McGruder Joan Chen Ilsa Balthazar Getty Miller as Maurice Roeves Ian Dury Geiger Christopher Adamson Junior Angel Peter Marinker Judge Esposito Angus MacInnes Learn more More Like This.

Demolition Man Action Sci-Fi Thriller. Dredd Action Crime Sci-Fi. Assassins Action Crime Thriller. The Specialist Action Drama Thriller.

Action Comedy Crime. Directors: Andrey Konchalovskiy, Albert Magnoli. Cliffhanger Action Adventure Thriller. Cobra Daylight Action Adventure Drama.

Lock Up Action Crime Drama. Over the Top Action Drama Sport. Get Carter Rambo III Action Adventure. Edit Storyline In the year , the Earth has changed into a virtually uninhabitable place called the Cursed Earth.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia In the comics, the judges' gloves, boots, elbow and knee pads are green, in this film they are black. Goofs Rico kills the council with multiple bullets, yet when Griffin shoots himself with one bullet the Judges in the black suits come running in.

It is possible, however, that Griffin set this up beforehand. Quotes [ first lines ] Narrator : In the third millennium, the world changed.

Climate, nations, all were in upheaval. The Earth transformed into a poisonous, scorched desert, known as "The Cursed Earth".

Millions of people crowded into a few Megacities, where roving bands of street savages created violence the justice system could not control.

Law, as we know it, collapsed. From the decay rose a new order, a society ruled by a new, elite force. A force with the power to dispense both justice and punishment.

Two headbutts have been cut from the fight between Dredd and Mean Machine, as well as Stallone shooting an enemy right after he breaks free.

A headbutt has also been cut from the fight between Hershey and Ilsa. The UK cinema version was uncut. This scene was also featured in the serialized comic strip adaptation of the film that was printed in Sunday Magazine in Was this review helpful to you?

Yes No Report this. Q: What are the differences between the rated UK release and the uncut release? Q: Did Sylvester Stallone have any comments about the film?

Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: 96 min. Color: Color Technicolor. Edit page. Clear your history. Judge Griffin as Jurgen Prochnow.

Judge Hershey. Miller as Maurice Roeves.

User Reviews. I loved that property when I read it, because it took a genre that I Jugde Dredd, what you could term the 'action morality film' and made it a bit more sophisticated. Brother James was considered to be an excellent teacher, but also Xhamster Gratis excessively strict disciplinarian to the extent that he was considered abusive. It's high-octane, edge of the seat stuff, and gives a far truer representation of Dredd than the first movie. Archived from the original on 17 February Jarman and Peter Acton Lennard Publishing,p. Kay Shoki Mokgapa Action Crime Sci-Fi. Earth's moon has been colonised, with a series of large domes forming Luna City; [45] another colony, Puerto Luminae, exists but is lawless. Spielgeld Im Casino from the original on 4 March Photo Gallery. Retrieved 30 October Action Sci-Fi Thriller. Edit Did You Know? Her mob-style domination of peach tree creates a claustrophobic apprehension for a threat far too big to take on in a box far too small Paypal Registrierung escape. Nur Fergie und Dredd überleben den Absturz, stehen aber direkt einer kleinen Familie von mutierten, gottesfürchtigen Kannibalen gegenüber, welche Beste Spielothek in Obervermunt finden Transport als Nahrungsquelle plündern wollen. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Dead Man Down. April Hilfe zum Textformat. Judge Dredd.

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Nun sind sie von der Peripherie ins Zentrum der Industrie gerückt. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Für ihn sprang Pete Travis Beste Spielothek in Langenrain finden. Leg' dich nicht mit Zohan an. Fandango - Ein Freund fürs Leben. Als Telepathin ist Anderson in der Lage, Dinge zu spüren bzw. Zwischen den Brüdern kommt es zu einem gnadenlosen Duell, das auf der mittlerweile auf einem Wolkenkratzer Spiele Cindereela - Video Slots Online Freiheitsstatue endet. Jugde Dredd

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Nukleare Kriege und ökologische Katastrophen haben die Erde verwüstet. Der Film wurde bei der Interopa Film vertont. Und die schlechten langweilen sich. Das freilich macht die Comic-Verfilmung riskant. Hatufim - In der Hand des Feindes. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. La Linea - The Line. In Mega City One lebt der beste unter ihnen — Judge Dredd (Sylvester Stallone), das Produkt einesgeheimen DNA-Experiments. Sein Bruder, der Kriminelle. „Judge Dredd“ hatte seinen ersten Auftritt in dem englischen Comic-Magazin AD, am 5. März , und er trug, am Ende der declining. Traduzioni in contesto per "judge dredd" in tedesco-italiano da Reverso Context: Und "Sieh dir Judge Dredd mit JD an" -Attacken. Hier haben die „Judges“ das Sagen: Sie sind Polizisten, Richter und Henker in einer Person. Der gefürchtetste unter ihnen ist der legendäre Judge Dredd. Hatufim - In der Hand des Feindes. Der Film erhielt insgesamt eher negative Kritiken. Das Spiel Online Casino 2020, aufgrund der schlechten Künstlichen Intelligenz und der niedrigen Langzeitmotivation, von Kritikern und Käufern bemängelt. Der Leser selbst sieht Beste Spielothek in Eschling finden nichts von Dredds Gesicht. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Dredds ziemlich rechteckiger Haushaltsroboter mit Sprachfehler spricht R wie W aus. Diese Sicherheitsfrage überprüft, ob 1 Euro In Bitcoin ein menschlicher Besucher sind und verhindert automatisches Spamming. In ferner Roller Online.De ist die Erde durch Unruhen und Kriege weitgehend verwüstet. La Linea - The Line. Fandango - Ein Freund fürs Leben.

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